Our young family craves adventure. It began when my husband and I fell in love backpacking through Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and Fiji. We got bit by the travel bug bad. When our son was born, we knew we wanted to make travel and adventure part of our family life. We now spend our weekends looking for exciting local excursions, and save our pennies for larger national and international trips. Each time we grab our belongings and head for the car, we announce to our son “Adventure is out there,” a phrase lovingly stolen from the movie “UP”. Our son is presently 1 years old and may not be completely aware of what is going on, but we hope that by spending our family time seeking out new places to see, that our love for adventure will be passed onto him. This is a story of our trips and the family travel lessons learned along the way.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Plane Ride to Arizona

Well it’s been a couple months since I have updated this blog. I have been a little busy with my food blog and daily chores but I wanted to get this one started up again.

We recently took an eventful plane ride to Arizona to celebrate W’s cousin G’s first birthday. We had a grand time in Arizona playing with so much family and celebrating is always fun. The plane rides, however, not so much fun.

We booked our flight to Arizona in the morning hoping to make it to Arizona in time for W’s nap. I don’t think we realized just how desperate for nap he would be. This was our third time flying with W but the other two times he wasn’t such a mover and shaker as he was now. So we boarded the tiny puddle jumper plane and immediately got out the ipad to get the kid dialed into his favorite show hoping for a quiet ride. The flight attendant came by and told us we were preparing to take off and that we needed to close the ipad until we were in the the air. This sent sleepy little W over the edge. He instantly wanted to run and play and when we tried to keep him on our laps he cried, screamed, arched etc. There was no holding him. We were offering him everything; raisins, juice, fruit snacks and to no avail. We ended up being stuck on the tarmac for what seemed to be a century but was probably only 10 minutes. The entire plane was watching us and we were unable to quiet or calm W in the slightest. I had Wade on my lap and my husband said “pass him to me I will show him the window” so I passed the screaming little guy to his daddy but as I did I over shot the arm rest and accidentally slammed his head on the roof of the plane cabin. the whole plan gasped. W screamed louder. He was fine (luckily) but was going to let me hear it. I wanted to crawl into a hole and I felt awful for W. Finally the guy next to me said “I always turn the ipad on as soon as the flight attendant walks away”. So I did and W was silent for the the rest of the ride. What a trip!

Here are some pictures of our fun while in Arizona.
Loved the oranges at Pita Pit

Arizona has fun parks

Bathtime with G

Favorite Cousin

G's cute party

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